Travel Diary // Patagonia










The first thing that took my breath away when flying into El Calafate was the colour of the water – milky green water against a dry barren terrain was like nothing I had seen before.
Patagonia is rugged, wild, has an icy strong wind blowing off the Andean mountains and is the kind of place that dwarfs you with its vast landscape. It is located in the wilds of the southern most part of South America between Argentina and Chile and is home to the Southern end of the Andes mountains.
Jagged snow capped peaks, spectacular ice glaciers and hiking are all part of the drawcard and I have to say that for me, after two months of travelling through South America, so far, it is still right up there with the best of them. The ice glaciers are breathtaking, the water is a milky green colour and the ice glaciers an iridescent blue, it is peacefully quiet and the sound of a wall of ice cracking off the glacier into the river below is amazing.
Add it to your lifetime must see list because it really is something you have to see just once.
The details//
Accommodation // We stayed at La Cantera Boutique Hotel and it was fabulous.
Favourite Meal// Mi Rancho – ate here twice, it was that good.
Don’t miss // Visiting Glacier Perito Merino from all angles.