Well hello there Friday! The weekend is looking rosie (don’t they all!?)

I spent Wednesday leisure suiting around the Hunter Valley in my onesie by Finders Keepers and was super comfy all day even in the hot hot heat. I also wore an AA crop top, Watson x Watson sandals, vintage bag & necklaces, Hermes cuff and Karen Walker shades and had ohsomuch fun.




These shorts by Fairground are about as close to the Prada banana print as I am going to get and I love them accordingly. I am looking forward to wearing them with a black turtle neck sleeveless top but am yet to find the perfect Buy levitra lowest prices one. So instead I am wearing them with a super dooper old white shirt, brogues I had made, this choker &  this belt (which I have just uploaded to the store with a bunch of other goodies) & Karen Walker shades. Easy.




Ok so I have officially been down a Tumblr hole! I have always known I should have a Tumblr but always resisted because of the fear of not having enough time to update yet another thing. Yesterday however, I got inspired and thought I would give it a go and I have to say 1 day later I am officially obsessed! These piccies are only the tip of the iceberg of what I have compiled on the Frankie Sunshine Tumblr today and if you enjoy pretty pictures  as much as I do and hate waiting for irregular blog posts then head on over to the Tumblr here. I promise to update it every spare moment I get.

I’m pretty proud to say that even with all viagra overnigh this tumbling today I did actually get some work done. I have just uploaded our first Frankie Sunshine Vintage collection for the year with lots of super cool summer dresses as well as 2 ultra cool vintage Akubra hats which you can check out here, I absolutely adore each and every piece.

Happy Monday lovers X